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How to Save Time and Money by Planning Meals

A small investment in weekly meal planning offers big returns in quality of life.

Making and following a good plan saves time and money. It provides increased nutrition and reduces stress. Here’s how to streamline the process.

What do we want? Make a list of favorite foods – dishes, sandwiches, snacks and drinks. Unless you live bachelor-style, get the family involved. Their cooperation is essential. Sprinkle the favorites into your weekly meal plan. Spend a few minutes researching new things to fill the gaps. For money-saving ideas, consult supermarket flyers.

What have we got? Look in the cupboards, fridge and freezer for missing staples. Write them on a shopping list, along with anything needed for this week’s meals. Post a checklist of regularly consumed foods in the kitchen, with a red pencil attached. Whoever eats or drinks the last bit marks the item on the list, resulting in fewer dashes to the store.

What’s on the list? List in hand, shop for the week’s meals. Impulse purchases distract everyone from the plan. Stick to the list to increase the plan’s effectiveness and to save time and money.

What’s extra? Whenever possible, cook in large batches so that there’s extra to use in another meal. Cooked meat and chicken are handy for sandwiches, stir fries and so on. Freeze surplus food for future consumption.

Expand Your Horizons


New perspectives must come from somewhere. Expand your horizons by talking to new people, entering new situations, traveling to new places and reading new books. Investigate how to make a dormant passion or dream a part of your life. Bring it into being step by step.



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